Lubna Manasawala
Attorney at Law

Landlord - Tenant

We represent both landlords and tenants in all sorts of New York landlord tenant matters, including non-payments, holdovers, State of New York Division of Housing and Community Renewal proceedings, Civil Court Housing Part cases, and rent overcharge cases.


A non-payment case involves a claim by a landlord that the tenant has not paid the rent, and this type of case is most commonly commenced in Civil Court Housing Part.

A holdover case is brought by a landlord against a tenant usually alleging a type of violation of the lease, or a substantial obligation of the tenancy or a statutory claim to recover possession. Common types of holdovers against residential tenants include illegal subletting, violation of no pet clauses, violation of no washing machine clauses, claims of nuisance allegations, including noise complaints.

Non-primary residence cases are also very common wherein the landlord refuses to renew the tenant's lease based upon a claim that the tenant is not using the premises as his primary residence.

In commercial situations a holdover may be brought by a landlord against a tenant because of an allegation by the landlord that the tenant has illegally sublet or assigned his lease, or the tenant is occupying the premises after the expiration of the tenancy.